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WTH offers a wide variety of software products, consulting services and
data maintenance and management services to County Health Departments.

Using GIS In Your Job

WTH has over 20 years of experience in providing GIS services for County public health agencies.

Using GIS in your Job


WTH has over 20 years of experience in providing GIS services for County public health agencies.

Some benefits of using GIS in your Work:

  • The ability to map your public health activities and share this information with the State Board of Health, public officials, and the general public.
  • The ability to maintain better records and be able to retain and search health records geographically.
  • The ability to share health information with 911 dispatch and other public safety agencies during the course of an emergency event.

Health Departments use Think GIS in their job for the following activities.

Septic Tank Inspections – Locate existing and new septic fields during an inspection and in the office attach pictures, and PDF inspection reports.

Health Inspections – Map the locations of restaurants, pools, and other facilities that require a sanitary inspection, and attach pictures and PDF permits and reports.

Health Department Map Layers – Create map layers  for inspect spraying areas, tagged toxic drug houses, public nuisances, patterns of disease outbreaks, vaccination sites, food pick up sites and other disaster relief locations.

GIS Products and Services

WTH GIS products that are used by Public Health Agencies include the following:

Think GIS Editor – Think GIS Editor provides the ability to create GIS map layers and attach pictures and PDF reports. Think GIS Editor can be used in the office or in the field and works both offline and online.

Think GIS User – Think GIS User is for laptop viewing and works offline where the Internet connections are weak or nonexistent. – is a cloud based version of Think GIS that allows for viewing GIS layers on any computer device that has an Internet connection including smart phones and tablets.

WTH uses locally available Aerial Photography and the best local GIS data – WTH builds maps for Public Health that include the most accurate and current available County and State aerial photography and local GIS layers rather than rely on generic national maps

Designing a Unique Mapping Program for your Health Department – Each Public Health Department has similar responsibilities but has its own approach and work process.  WTH will work with your agency to identify your mapping needs and then develop a program of software and training to meet those needs. 

Access experienced technical support – WTH’s service support staff can help select the right mix of software for your specific needs and budget.

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