County Parks and Trails

WTH offers a wide variety of software products, consulting and GIS data services for use in managing county parks and trails.

Using GIS In Your Job

WTH provides a comprehensive program of GIS services for County park and trail management.

Some benefits of using GIS in your Work:

  • Work more efficiently in locating and maintaining your park and trail assets.
  • Have the ability to preserve, share, and pass on your accumulated knowledge to others.
  • Be able to save money and make more informed decisions.
  • Be able to better communicate trail and recreation plans with contractors, elected officials, and the general public.

Convert your paper maps and what’s stored in your head into a more permanent digital record.

WTH has over 20 years of experience in converting paper plans and maps into GIS layers that can be stored, backed up, searched, and shared with others.

Collect accurate asset locations in the field.

WTH’s Think GIS software interfaces with Trimble GNSS products for accurate and precise asset location in the field.  With Think GIS Editor, collected points are entered directly on to the map.

Integrate your local utility data with available State and County aerial photos and GIS layers.

WTH builds maps that include the most accurate and current available County and State aerial photography and GIS layers rather than rely on generic national maps.

GIS Products and Services

Some of the WTH GIS products that are used for the management of parks, trails, water bodies and other recreation areas include the following:

Think GIS Editor – Think GIS Editor provides the ability to map all of you recreational and environmental assets including trails, bike routes, ponds, lakes and other recreational areas.  It can also be used to map all of your park and trail assets for use in ongoing maintenance activities.  Think GIS editor includes a number of built-in tools including the ability to create elevation maps, and a basic work order tool.  Think GIS Editor can be used in the office and in the field and provides maps with or without an Internet connection.  

Think GIS User – Think GIS User is for laptop viewing and can operate offline where Internet connections are weak. – is a Cloud based version of Think GIS that allows for viewing maps on any computer device that has an Internet connection including smart phones and tablets.

Think Library – Think Library can store plans, specifications, photos, videos, as georeferenced files in an online Cloud database that can be accessed in the office or in the field.  Records are associated with a geographical asset or location and can with an Internet connection can be retrieved for viewing in the field.

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