County Emergency Management

WTH offers a wide variety of software products, consulting services and
data maintenance and management services to County Emergency Management Agencies.

Using GIS In Your Job

WTH has over 20 years of experience in providing GIS services for public safety dispatch and emergency response.

Some benefits of using GIS in your Work:

  • Better performance in responding to emergency events
  • The ability to record events in real time and share this information with 911 dispatch, first responders and public officials.
  • The ability to create preplans for schools, businesses, high-risk facilities, and large planned events such as fairs and festivals.
  • The ability to track vehicles and other EMA assets during an event.

WTH uses locally available Aerial Photography and the best local GIS data – WTH builds maps for EMAs that include the most accurate and current available County and State aerial photography and local GIS layers rather than rely on generic national maps.

Access experienced 911 GIS technical support – WTH has a service support staff that averages over 18 years of GIS technical experience.  We know that an EMA Department operates 24/7 under stressful conditions.  WTH is part of your team to maintain your GIS system at all times and under the worst of conditions.

Provide support to the EMA Director – Each community is unique in its vulnerabilities and the kinds of events that it must prepare for. WTH support staff are prepared to work with an EMA Department to select the best mix of software for their unique needs.  WTH can assist the EMA Department in developing relevant GIS layers and preplans and provide advice on how to use GIS during each phase of the emergency management cycle of preparation, response, recovery, and mitigation.

GIS Products and Services

Some of the WTH GIS products that are used by Emergency Management Agencies include the following:

Think GIS Editor – Think GIS Editor provides the ability to create EMA specific GIS layers and attach pictures and PDF reports and preplans. Think GIS Editor can be used in the office and in the field and works both offline and online.

Think GIS User – Think GIS User is for laptop viewing and works offline where Internet connections are weak. – is a cloud based version of Think GIS that allows for viewing GIS layers on any computer device that has an Internet connection including smart phones and tablets.

Event Manager – Event Manager is a WTH software product for the mapping of emergency events in real time, and the communication of these dynamic maps with 911 PSAPs, first responders, and elected officials. There is also the option of displaying selected information on a public WebGIS Site.

Think AVL – Think AVL is Automatic Vehicle Location software that can track up to 1,000 vehicles of different types and display them on your Think GIS map.  An EMA Department can know where its vehicles are deployed at any given time and set notifications for speed limits and service area boundaries.

CAMEO/Aloha Interface – This Interface allows facilities with hazardous materials to be identified on a Think GIS map and can be used to create and display an Aloha chemical dispersion plume.  Think GIS has tools to create a list of addresses within the plume for evacuation purposes.
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