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WTH offers a wide variety of software products, consulting and GIS data services for use in County Assessor offices.

Using GIS In Your Job

Using GIS in your Job

WTH provides a comprehensive program of GIS services for County Assessors

Some benefits of using GIS in your Work:

  • Save money and making more informed decisions.
  • Work more efficiently
  • Have the ability to integrate third party software that links scanned Deeds and Records with geographically located parcels.
  • Have the ability to preserve, share, and pass on your knowledge on to others
  • Be able to better provide parcel and appraisal information to the general public.

Build maps with available State and County aerial photos, digital soil maps, and GIS parcel and land information layers - WTH builds maps that include the most accurate and current available County and State aerial photography and GIS layers rather than rely on generic national maps.

Special GIS Tools for Parcel Creation and Appraisal – WTH’s Think GIS software includes a set of tools that are specially designed for creating new parcels and parcel splits, creating parcels from legal description calls, and using soil maps for agricultural assessment.

GIS Products and Services

GIS Products and Services

WTH has developed a full line of GIS products that can be used by a County Assessor and staff in the office on desktops and laptops, and with a county WebGIS site, can display tax assessment information on any computer, tablet, or smartphone with an Internet connection.  

Same of the WTH GIS products that are used by a County Assessor office include the following:

Think GIS Editor – Think GIS Editor allows you to create and maintain GIS parcels and has special tools for parcel boundary creation, and the assessment of agricultural property.  Think GIS aids the assessor in every step of the appraisal process. 

Think GIS User – Think GIS User is for viewing GIS layers on a desktop or laptop.  This can be used for displaying information on a computer in your office for use by the general public.

GIS CAMA Interface – WTH Think GIS software can be interfaced with your Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) software to seamlessly integrate parcel and appraisal.

County WebGIS Site – With a county WebGIS site, parcel information and property records cards can be displayed on a public website and provide access to the general public and reduce trips to the Courthouse.

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