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What Is The WTH Community?

What Is The WTH Community?

Well, the short answer is, it's everyone who has come together around the products and services of WTH Technology. Our customers, our staff and our partners all working together to server each other's best interests. It has been a privilege for the WTH Staff to work with agencies and departments of local government and their communities. We BELIEVE in you and your mission to make your communities better. This belief has inspired us to articulate our “purpose” at WTH, which is to “Empower Local Communities” by providing technology solutions that work for you.

Belonging to something bigger than yourself is truly a rewarding step in the journey of life. For me, learning this lesson has inspired my life and kept it focused. My father was a farmer in Indiana. The experiences and lessons learned from being raised on a farm have provided a solid foundation from which WTH Technology has grown. On the farm you quickly learn that working together is the key to success. The success of WTH is due to the hard work of our great staff and the continuing support of our tremendous customers.

In fact, I'd have to say that WTH has the most authentic customers of any company I have been associated with in my 67 years of living in this great county, the United States of America. What excites me each day is the strength and commitment of local communities to take on any challenge and facing them with a "can do" attitude! WTH joins our customers in that commitment.

In creating the WTH Community on the web, we're offering tools to help further unify WTH staff, customers and vendor partners. The WTH Blog "Get the GISt" will provide you with access to articles and information from GIS industry leaders and experts to keep you current with the latest GIS thinking and new technology. We're also providing resources that will be available only to WTH customers. The WTH forum will provide access to the WTH staff for product questions and comments as well as tips and tricks for getting the best from your system. It will also allow you to connect with each other to exchange ideas and experiences. You'll also find training videos and other downloadable resources that are available only with a WTH customer account. If you haven't already done so, click the Login button at the top of the page to create your account.

We're grateful for the thousands of you who make up the WTH Community. We look forward to seeing it continue to grow and thrive. When we unite, the strength of our community soars. Together, we can preserve and help expand the positive impact of local communities on this great country!

Rex Jones, President & CEO

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